Did You Break A Bone At Work During Coronavirus?

The coronavirus pandemic has led many workers to demand better protections and hazard pay at a time when most people are making far more on unemployment. Why should people who were making more money at non-essential jobs continue to make more money after they were laid off? They aren’t the ones taking the risk! Regardless, workers at retail establishments continue to suffer from accidents — but no one is noticing.

Did you break a bone while you were at work? Workers Comp has you covered, but you might be entitled to additional compensation depending on the circumstances. Contact a personal injury lawyer immediately to find out for sure.

Keeping bills and related documentation of the injury is important. Your employer should sit you down to discuss exactly what happened, and you’ll want to have this information ready for a lawyer as well. In order to recoup losses, the injury must be severe. Will is cost productivity long-term? Will you be unable to work? Will you be unable to perform the same tasks?

It’s important to know that Workers Comp covers medical expenses, but not everyone understands that they are often entitled to lost wages both now and in the future. If the workplace environment was somehow to blame for your injury, you might be entitled to even more. Even a scar can be covered by Workers Comp!

You might not always realize that there were additional injuries at the time of an accident. Sometimes injuries become more noticeable or more severe over time and require additional medical attention. In these circumstances, discuss details of ongoing medical bills with your lawyer. It’s also important to inform your employer of any issues as they arise so that Workers Comp can cover those injuries retrospectively.

Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of by your employer. They have a responsibility to ensure you have a safe and comfortable work environment.

How To Tell If Your Bone Is Broken From An Accident

After an injury, you might feel sore especially in the joints. When we injure our joints that’s called a sprain. But sometimes you might have a fractured or broken bone. Here are a few ways to tell if your bone is actually broken:

    • check to see if the bone is mishapen
    • does your joint make a popping or crackling noise when you move it?
    • do you have numbness or tingling feeling

If you see any of these signs or symptoms then you should go to a doctor. They will be able to perform an x-ray which will determine the severity of your sprain and/or fracture. Broken bones and fractures are not something that you can just wait to go away or shake off. If you don’t get it taken care of right away it can lead to further damage and long-term problems such as nerve damage, tendon damage and can increase the fracture or break in your bone.