The Most Frequent Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the developed world. During a car crash, the body can be subjected to trauma in an enormous variety of ways, making the possible injuries from a car crash nearly infinite. However, there are a few injuries that are very commonly caused by a crash. Read on to find out the most common car crash injuries.

Whiplash is the single most common car crash-related injury. Whiplash is a spinal injury that affects the neck or back, and is caused by the affected area of the spine stretching too quickly before snapping back. This rapid stretching and compression causes damage to the vertebrae, disks, or the ligaments of the spine. Severity varies, but whiplash can often lead to chronic pain or even paralysis.

Head injuries are common in car crashes. The head colliding with the steering wheel, dashboard, or car door can cause traumatic brain injury, or TBI. TBI comes in many different degrees of intensity; it may heal after a few weeks, or it could cause permanent brain damage that impairs brain function. Injuries to ears, eyes, and the jaw and teeth are also common in car accidents.

Neck injuries are common causes of death in car crashes. In addition to whiplash in the neck, blows to the throat can cause difficulty breathing and may be fatal. Broken necks are also very common causes of death in car accidents, since this type of injury can cause instant death before paramedics can make it to the scene.

For people not wearing seatbelts, serious chest injuries are common in car crashes. Usually, seatbelts and airbags limit injuries to the chest, but absent these safety measures, chest injuries can be extremely dangerous. Slamming forward can cause a broken sternum or ribs, and can also lead to punctured or damaged internal organs.

Injuries to the pelvic and abdominal regions are common, especially in impacts to the front or side of the car. This type of accident can often cause hip fractures. Damage to the kidneys, liver, or spleen is also common in this type of accident when force is applied to the abdominal region.

In serious accidents, the legs and knees can often suffer damage. This is usually the result of legs being crushed as the car is deformed. This can manifest as simple bruising, or it can cause serious breaks. If the leg is twisted too much, the knees can suffer meniscus tears, which limit mobility and cause severe pain. Ankles, feet, and toes are also common injuries in this type of accident.

As you can see, car accidents can lead to a large variety of injuries. The damage suffered during a car crash depends greatly on the type of accident, the direction of the force, and the presence of safety measures like seat belts and air bags. To minimize your risk of being injured in car accidents, make sure to wear your seat belt, and avoid excessive speeds.

How To Tell If Your Bone Is Broken From An Accident

After an injury, you might feel sore especially in the joints. When we injure our joints that’s called a sprain. But sometimes you might have a fractured or broken bone. Here are a few ways to tell if your bone is actually broken:

    • check to see if the bone is mishapen
    • does your joint make a popping or crackling noise when you move it?
    • do you have numbness or tingling feeling

If you see any of these signs or symptoms then you should go to a doctor. They will be able to perform an x-ray which will determine the severity of your sprain and/or fracture. Broken bones and fractures are not something that you can just wait to go away or shake off. If you don’t get it taken care of right away it can lead to further damage and long-term problems such as nerve damage, tendon damage and can increase the fracture or break in your bone.